Culture is mission-critical for everyone involved with DWPC Youth: players, coaches, parents, and fans. Culture (how we behave) is the single biggest factor in the long term success - or failure - of an organization.  We must all work towards a strong culture every day.  Positing it in an email or on a wall (like this) does little.  Think of Culture like water in a swimming pool - you can only add it a drop at a time, but you can lose it by the bucket.  As a famous management consultant once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

The winning DWPC Youth culture is built on FIVE key pillars:
1. Positive - We speak and act in only positive ways. 

2. Collaborative - We are team players who work well together.

3. Sportsmanship - We never cheer against another team. We speak no ill of another team (players, coaches, or parents), referee, etc.

4. Commitment to Each Other & Our Sport - We train and compete with all we have, every time, because we expect the same from our teammates.

5. Have Fun - Exhausted? Frustrated? Angry? Sad?  Remember - water polo is an awesome sport and you’re on Dynamo.  How much more fun can you hope to have?!?!

Our culture is for PLAYERS, COACHES, PARENTS, and FANS!

Anyone involved with DWPC Youth who can't consistently role model our culture will be asked to leave the program.